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We Love Guacamole! image

We Love Guacamole!

Perfectly selected avocados, mixed with diced onions, jalapeños, cilantro, tomatoes & sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. (Includes side of chips.)


Tuna Tiradito. image

Tuna Tiradito.

Freshly sliced Ahi Tuna, marinated in our signature Salsa negra, sliced cucumbers, radish, micro greens & creamy avocado mousse.


Ribeye Agua Chile. image

Ribeye Agua Chile.

Miel De Agave ribeye marinating in our house made salsa negras, onion, cilantro, micro greens, radish, topped with freshly sliced avocado slices.


Mexico City Elote. image

Mexico City Elote.

Charbroiled corn with butter, Queso fresco, Chili lime seasoning & Sriracha Aioli.
Also available in CORN RIB STYLE.


Pork Belly Chicharrón. image

Pork Belly Chicharrón.

Dry Rub Citrus marinated pork, Avocado cream, Chipotle cream, Cilantro, Radish, served with a side of corn tortillas.


MDA Chimichangas. image

MDA Chimichangas.

BIRRIA OR SHRIMP MACHACA, Flour tortilla,Chihuahua cheese, Mayo, Cotija cheese,Cabbage, Tomato,Avocado & Sour cream.


Aguachiles. image


Shrimp Marinated with lemon juices, Fresh jalapeños sauce, topped with green onions, avocado cream & cilantro.


Queso Bean Dip. image

Queso Bean Dip.

Slow cooked refried beans with Mexican cheese blend, served with a side or corn chips.



Strawberry Salad. image

Strawberry Salad.

Fresh blend of house greens, Strawberries, Blueberry, Candies walnuts, Goat cheese & raspberry vinegar.


Tatemada Salad. image

Tatemada Salad.

Cherry tomatoes, Grilled onions,Grilled avocado, Cucumber, Arugula, Radish, Queso fresco & citrus olive oil.
+PROTEIN : Chicken ($5) Grilled Shrimp ($6.00) Fresh Ahi Tuna ($6.00)


House Specialties.

Carne Asada.

8oz Sirloin steak served with grilled onions, Tatemada Salad, Charro beans & 3 flour or corn tortillas.


Rib-Eye de la casa.

12oz Prime ribeye, Mexican Chimichurri, Mexico City elote, Salsa, Charro beans & Three Flour OR Corn tortillas.



Fajita Skillet. image

Fajita Skillet.

Sirloin Steak OR Grilled chicken, Charro beans, Queso fresco, Grilled Caribbean pepper, topped with pickled onions & served with corn OR flour tortillas.


Green Chili Cream Enchiladas. image

Green Chili Cream Enchiladas.

Carne Asada OR Chicken, Green chili cream sauce, Topped with arugula, Sour Cream, Onions & Queso fresco.


Birria Torta. image

Birria Torta.

Authentic Jalisco style birria, Brioche bun, Cheese crust, Avocado, Pickled onions, Pickled habaneros, Cilantro, Micro-Greens, Chile de árbol salsa & served with French fries.



Infamous Quesabirria. image

Infamous Quesabirria.

(3) Authentic Jalisco Birria, slowly braised prime beef with bone marrow, Cheese crust, Peanut Macha Sauce, pickled onions, House made charro beans, Birria broth, Topped with cilantro & Micro greens.


Sonora Tacos. image

Sonora Tacos.

(2) Grilled Sirloin Steak OR Chicken, Cheese crust, Roasted green peppers, Salsa Roja, On a flour tortilla served with a side of refried Charro beans.


Bacanora Tacos. image

Bacanora Tacos.

(2)Corn tortilla, Shrimp rolled with bacon & grilled with butter, Cream cheese, Chipotle coleslaw, Avocado slices, cilantro & House made salsa’s negras.



Miel De Agave Burger. image

Miel De Agave Burger.

Quarter-Pound beef Pattie, Mexican cheese, Guacamole, Chorizo Aioli, Crispy onions on a Brioche bun, Served with French fries & Sriracha Aioli.


Bacanora BBQ Burger. image

Bacanora BBQ Burger.

Quarter-Pound beef pattie, House made Bacanora BBQ sauce, Cheese, Crispy Onions, Fried jalapeños, Bacon, Mayo on a brioche bun, served with fries.



Tres Leches Cake. image

Tres Leches Cake.

Tres leches cake, Vanilla Ice cream, Topped with strawberries & Milk cream liquor 43.


Triple Chocolate Chip. image

Triple Chocolate Chip.

A classic warm chewy cookie made in a skillet with milk chocolate & white chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream.


My Mom’s Fried Ice-Cream. image

My Mom’s Fried Ice-Cream.

Vanilla Ice-Cream coated with a cinnamon & Frosted-Flake crust, Topped with my mom’s house-made caramel sauce.


The Cheesecake Cookie Dough. image

The Cheesecake Cookie Dough.

Cheesecake with cookie bites & Caramel salt sauce, served with vanilla Ice-Cream.


New Mixology.

Pucker Up! image

Pucker Up!

Titos Vodka, Passion fruit purée, Fresh lime juice, Agave, Topped with tonic water, Mint & Enjoy the Buzzbutton experience!


Chichen-Itzá. image


Smokey-Mezcal, Watermelon purée, Fresh lime juice, Agave, Rimmed with Chammoy & Tajín, Topped with fresh Watermelon & Sun Dried Chapulines! SALUD!


Treat Me Right! image

Treat Me Right!

Aperol, Fresh lime juice, St germain liqueur, Botanical liqueur & Topped With Mini-Moet Chandon Bottle! POP YOUR BOTTLE!


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